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As an Ad Consult partner you have the opportunity to tap into a multi billion dollar business today!

A Billion $ Opportunity

As Facebook continues its move towards big advertisers, internet marketers all over the world are scrambling to find new ways to run & scale their campaigns smoothly. This opens a multi billion dollar opportunity overseen by many agencies, which tend to focus on enterprise & corporate clients. These internet marketers might be small in terms of company size but they spend anywhere between 1k to 100k USD per day; some even more. An amazing opportunity that Ad Consult will help you tap into!

Solving The Facebook Ad Crisis

Through its 10 year experience in the space and its vast network Ad Consult will help you profit from this huge opportunity. Ad Consult specializes in providing scalable advertising solutions to our high budget ad spend clients (our smallest clients spend 2k USD per day). Over the years we have built relationships with professional & reliable agency partners all over the world that profit by providing access to trusted ad accounts. The perfect win-win situation. Our clients get access to scalable ad solutions and agencies get new consistent income streams.

100% Compliant. You keep full control!

To adhere with facebook’s advertiser guidelines, we have a no exceptions policy and are thus very strict when taking on new clients. Each client goes through a thorough review process in which our legal team reviews the client in detail. This includes, but is not limited to things like company details, customer reviews, business and e-commerce websites, current & previous ad campaigns, etc. Once approved by us, we provide the agency with a detailed report on the new client and its campaign. The agency can then conduct their own compliance review before finally approving the new client.

The final decision always lies with our agency partners - so you stay in full control at all times!

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How It Works?

ComplianT ADS

We provide 100% compliant & reviewed ad-campaigns for you to run.

ISSUE Ad Account

Once approved, you assign us a new ad account and we pay for the campaign upfront.


We run the ads & you get a commission on every $ spent on the issued ad account.

Benefits of working with us

We help you increase your revenue and improve cash flow.

Fixed Commission

Your agency will get a fixed commission for every dollar spent on the commissioned ad accounts.

Upfront Payment

The days of having to chase your customers to pay are over. We pay our agency partners up-front making it easy to plan your revenue.

Increased adspend

Having a good relationship with Facebook is key to being a successful advertiser. The more you spend with Facebook, the better support you will get and the more success you will have.

Improved Cashflow

All campaigns are paid up-front improving your agency's cash flow.

Our Track Record Proves Us Right!

We believe in relationships that are built on trust, transparency and integrity with the goal of creating lasting RESULTS for all parties involved. Our track record speaks for itself. If you need additional validation we are happy to connect you with one of our long standing agency partners.

What to expect when working with us.

We can only win if you win. We therefore strive to build lucrative long term relationships for all our partners.


Professional Team

Our seasoned team has managed millions of dollars in ad spend over the past years. When it comes to Facebook ads, we know what we are doing.


Planable Revenue Streams

We will provide you with monthly forecasts for every ad-account issued by your agency making your revenue planning a breeze.


Transparancy, Integrity & Trust

Any new ad-campaigns & changes to existing ones will be communicated in advance giving you sufficient time for an internal review if needed.


Compliance & Security 

Having no negative impact on your ad accounts is our utmost priority. We therefore have a dedicated legal team reviewing each and every campaign ensuring it is 100% compliant with the latest Facebook policies & guidelines. In addition the nature of our partnership is outlined in a detailed contract giving you all the security needed.

Meet Ad Consult

After years of e-commerce and generating multiple 8 figures in sales we understand both the opportunities and challenges our customers face first hand. To solve the challenges and increase revenue for our clients we founded Ad Consult in 2018 in order to provide reliable solutions to a multi billion dollar market.

A consultancy agency focussed on providing new income streams to agencies and hassle free & scalable solutions to advertisers. Reach out to us now to take advantage of this opportunity.



We will not rest until you are 100% satisfied with this partnership.

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A consultancy agency focussed on providing new income streams to agencies and hassle free & scalable solutions to advertisers.

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